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SO much fun! Try it and you'll be hooked! My 16 yr old daughter and I are so proud of our creations we made for our new house. This is a great event for all ages to enjoy and it's affordable too


Just got home from the event at Sociable Cider Werks tonight and I loved it so much! This is the most amazingly fun and simple way to socialize and be creative. All instructions are clear and easy to follow for even the blackest of thumbs. I'm so excited to be inspired again soon. LOVE IT!


It was fun and easy to do!! Very well organized and knowledgeable!!! The succulents and cacti were gorgeous! Great variety of unique containers to choose from also!


 We used Succ It Up Buttercup for a corporate event. They were super helpful, timely and flexible with our event. the containers were so wonderful (seriously, the hardest part of the planting was choosing one). The plants and decoration pieces were beautiful. Everyone had so much fun creating their unique succulent plant.