Succulents and Cacti are relatively easy to care for once you understand a bit about them! Succulents originally came from dry, arid climates such as deserts. One of the reasons succulents are so popular is because of their low maintenance and less frequent watering needs. They are slow growing and don't mind being grouped with other succulents and cacti. Succulents store water in their leaves and like their roots to be surrounded by dry soil once they have taken in the water they need!   Don't be concerned if the bottom leaves shrivel and die. This is how most succulents grow. As long as the center (newest growth) of the succulent looks good, then the succulent is healthy .

In the spring/summer while succulents and cacti are actively growing, water them about every 7-10 days. When watering be sure to water at the base of the plant so the roots get wet. You should only give each succulent about 1-2 Tablespoons of water. You may need to adjust the water amount and frequency. The most important thing is that you allow your succulents and cacti to dry up between waterings. 

Over watering will cause root rot and kill your succulents and cacti quickly. If you notice your succulent becoming mushy or the leaves turning yellow and falling off easily, withhold water until the soil dries out.   


If you notice the leaves begin to wrinkle and wilt, give a little more water and it should plump back up. It is easier to bring back a succulent that has been under watered rather than over watered.   


As a general rule, just remember that succulents and cacti want to be dry. They do need water to survive, but will die if they sit in wet soil. If you aren't sure if your succulents and cacti need water, feel the soil near the roots to check if there is any moisture. If not, you should be safe to give 1-2 Tablespoons.  


Keep an eye on your succulents for signs of over or under watering. They will show signs of both issues so you can fix the problem! There is a list at the end of this page to help you diagnose some common issues. 


During the winter months succulents are not actively growing and therefore don't require watering as often.  You can go even longer between watering times. Water if the leaves look wrinkled/wilted. You will be surprised how long you can go between watering in the winter!


Succulents and cacti need about 6 hours of  sunlight daily. They like bright, yet indirect sunlight.  If they are in a window sill watch out for burnt looking leaves. This can happen if the window gets too hot. Also, if you keep them in a window sill during the winter months check to make sure there is not a cold draft coming through your window. Succulents do not like the cold and this could kill them if not noticed in time. If they are in a lot of light they may dry out quicker and need a little extra water. Keep an eye on the leaves for signs of drying out. 


If your succulents aren't getting enough light they will start to stretch towards the light and begin to look "leggy."  If this happens, move them to a location with more  sunlight. You may need to move your succulents and cacti around to find the perfect spot where they will do best. South and East facing windows provide the most sunlight.