Event Pricing


The cost of creating your own plant arrangement at any of our public events is based on how many plants you choose to put in your container. This price includes everything you need from start to finish. We have a selection of succulents, cacti, and houseplants for you to choose from.


In addition to the experience, you get your choice of ANY container no matter the size, your choice of how many plants, all planting materials needed, and unlimited decorations from our toppings bar. 



1 succulent in ONE container+ all supplies-$20
2 succulents in ONE container+ all supplies-$25
3 succulents in ONE container+ all supplies-$30
4 succulents in ONE container+ all supplies-$35
5 succulents in ONE container+ all supplies -$40
      + $5 for each additional succulent added to container


* The price is PER container. You are more than welcome to make as many arrangements as you would like. The cost will be based on how many succulents you choose to put in each container. Example- If you choose two containers and put one succulent in each container you will be charged $20 for each arrangement made*





You can substitute a cactus for a succulent for an additional $3. You can add as many cacti as you would like to your container. The extra charge will be added for EACH cactus you add. Cacti and succulents CAN share the same container since they both have the same care instructions.



1 houseplant in ONE container+all supplies-$25
Houseplants and succulents and/or cacti CANNOT share the same container.


Succulent watering bottles, wood burned signs, mini dinosaur and unicorns, fairy picks, butterfly picks, and mini ladybug & hedgehogs are also available for an additional cost.
We have gift certificates for purchase at any public events or online that can be used at any of our upcoming public plant bar events! Visit our shop or see us at an event to purchase a gift certificate.