Succulent troubleshooting

Soft mushy leaves falling off?

Too much water can cause the leaves to swell, become soft and mushy, and fall off. The stem can also appear puffy.


What to do:

Withhold watering until dried out. You may even need to replant with dry soil to save the succulent.


Yellow leaves?

Watering issues can cause yellow leaves. Over watering and under watering can both cause leaves to turn yellow. If the leaves are also mushy and swollen it has been over watered. If the leaves are shriveling and wilting, and you haven't watered in awhile, then it is most likely under watered.


What to do:

Adjust watering techniques. If you suspect that you have over watered, water less and allow soil to dry out in between waterings. If you suspect you have under watered, water more thoroughly, but allow to dry out before next watering.


Wrinkled or wilting leaves?

The main cause of wrinkled/wilting leaves is under watering.


* over watering can also cause leaves to wrinkle, but instead of a shriveled appearance leaves can appear limp, weak, and fall off .The stem can also appear puffy. Water less and allow soil to dry*


What to do:

Water succulent more thoroughly and frequently. During the growing season (spring/summer) succulents need a little more water. Be sure to allow soil to dry out between waterings.


Brown leaves or dark spots on leaves?

The most common reason for brown leaves and dark spots is sun damage. This can happen if your succulent is exposed to full direct sunlight. If your succulent is on a window sill it may be getting too much sun and can get sunburnt.


What to do:

Move succulent to a location that doesn't get as much sun. A room that receives bright, yet indirect light is ideal.


Dead lower leaves?

The lower leaves of succulents naturally wither and die as the plant grows and produces new leaves from the center of the succulent. You can pull off the bottom dead leaves or wait for them to fall off.

Stretching stem "leggy"?

Succulent is not receiving enough light. You may notice your succulent stretching out towards the direction of light. The spaces in between the leaves will get wider and your succulent will look "leggy"


What to do:

Move succulent to a brighter location. South or East facing windows provide the most sunlight. Slowly introduce your succulent to bright light if it was in a low light area.


Dark brown/black spots and mushy lower stem?

If the lower portion of your succulent is dark brown or black and is mushy, your succulent has been over watered and is experiencing root rot.


What to do:

This requires immediate attention to hopefully save your succulent. Remove succulent from its pot. Remove and discard all soil. Clean pot thoroughly. Cut infected stem from succulent. Let healthy portion dry on the end of the stem for several days. Replant in lightly moistened, almost dry soil. Water sparingly.


Dull color?

Too much sunlight.


What to do:

Move succulent away from direct sunlight. A room that receives bright, yet indirect sunlight is ideal.